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Sunday, June 15, 2008

To tax or not to tax, how much do we want to suffer!

For my first post I figured I would rant on about the much debated "gas tax holiday". My question is who is this holiday for!!!!! Get real!!

Gas companies want to make a profit. If you pose a company to pay the tax for consumers, who is going to pay for any lose of profit? Answer: the consumer. Gases prices are going up and will not stop, gas tax holiday or not. The extra cost will be passed down to the consumer and the amount of the tax the company is charged will be passed down. We are in a no win situation here.

My suggestion on how to resolve this, stop driving!! (HAHAHA) You hear about how we should drive alternate fuel hybrids, use public transportation, and the such. I live in an area that does not have mass transit and buying a new car that will not pay for itself for years is out of the question!

What would happen if for just 2 days Americans left their cars at home and went nowhere? Talk about an economic crisis. No trips to Walmart or McDonalds!!! Don't you think that would send a message?! Not that this is going to happen, but what if?

As I say, this blog will cover many issues. Stay tuned.

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