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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Sister in Cahoots Hamna

Some people are just born with it! Talent! And my friend and sister in cahoots is one of those people! When she was 12 she started sewing. She did not start with a simple little project, she went big with an outfit. I for one am happy that she did that and did not listen to those who told her she could not do it! Now as a wife and mother, she sews for her family and everyone looks forward to what they will be wearing at the next gathering.

My daughter who is 5 look at a lot of things online together and as an Etsy seller myself, I spen a lot of time on that site and we like to look at shops together. Hamn's shop is one of her favorite! She wants to save up her allowance so she can "buy somting". Mommy will help her of course. ☺

So come and check it out!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A shop by my friend and collaborator Mary!

Have a great adventure under the sea with these adorable mermaids! One for every occassion! Makes a great gift!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Wishes Continue

I really hate being sick! I have been totally knocked off of my feet for a couple of days and am just now starting to feel better. Now I am so far behind on so many things that it ain't funny. Well, really it is if you really look at it! LOL!

Well, Valentines Day is quickly coming upon us and I really must get my list out there. I am doing this publicly so my darling hubby might pay closer attention to what I want and if I do not get it I will shame him endlessly!

Seriously, I have a very loving hubby who took time off of work to handle my daughters while I was ill, so I would never shame him much, HAHAHA!

So here it goes, my list continues......

Lavender Vanilla Soap by SoapyBlessings on Etsy!!

I love the smell of lavender and vanilla together. Can you imagine a nice warm bath and candle light on Valentines Day? I know I can!! And the fragrance of this soap would set the evening off right.

At SoapyBlessings there is even a three month soap subscription available.

Bangle Bracelet Handmade Irish Crochet - Autumn Sprigs and Flowers

I also love jewelry and this bracelet would look great on my wrist! I love the earth and pastel colors. This to me would be better than diamonds! There are many bracelets, rings and pretty things here at NothingButString!

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Valentine Wishes

I have started on another selfish venture to let my hubby know what I want for Valentines Day! Hope he gets these hints!!!

I really love candles!! I have a ton of them and feel that there is always room for more! I really love the romantic look of this candle by ValerieEssentials on Etsy. How romantic it would be!

Valerie has a wide variety of candles to suit any candle lover.

Visit her at !

I also really love to crochet for those of you who don't already know. I hate using the little ring crochet markers and can never get them to stay in place and cannot remove them without snagging my yarn. Well, these markers by TJB Designs make marking stitches a breeze!! Not a problem anymore to mark where I am!! I could use these to make a sweater for my hubby and not miss a stitch!

Visit to see crochet markers, knit markers, book thongs and scissor fobs! Wide variety and great colors and designs to chose from!
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