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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Sister in Cahoots Hamna

Some people are just born with it! Talent! And my friend and sister in cahoots is one of those people! When she was 12 she started sewing. She did not start with a simple little project, she went big with an outfit. I for one am happy that she did that and did not listen to those who told her she could not do it! Now as a wife and mother, she sews for her family and everyone looks forward to what they will be wearing at the next gathering.

My daughter who is 5 look at a lot of things online together and as an Etsy seller myself, I spen a lot of time on that site and we like to look at shops together. Hamn's shop is one of her favorite! She wants to save up her allowance so she can "buy somting". Mommy will help her of course. ☺

So come and check it out!!!

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