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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Okay, I am sitting here at this falling apart desk in my cramped little office and thinking to myself, hmmmm......

I have a new desk that is to be delivered today and need to start packing up things and move things around so I can tear down this desk and get the new one set up. It should be here something early this afternoon, but I won't start putting it together until tomorrow. I have to work a couple hours tonight and if I start on it late and something goes wrong I won't have a place to work and that would be a very bad thing :-)

I am kinda at a lost on how to fix up this office to make it an environment for me and my two little ones to work in comfortably. I use it also during the evenings when working, but I also use this space for education. I do homeschooling for my preschooler and over the summer will continue the learning process with my daughter who is just finishing up her first year of school and will be heading to the first grade in the fall. I really need this area to be user friendly and comfortable for all of us.

The biggest problem is the fact that this room has become a catch all. We are waiting for my brother in law to make a decision about the huge entertainment center that is sitting in here and the TV. He needs to find someone to help him move it. If it is not gone in a week I am just going to set it out on the street with a FREE sign on it! I also have boxes upon boxes of crochet goods and supplies and really need to do something with those. The supplies will be used though and I am looking into things to do with the finished products. Visit my shop and help me out,,,PLEASE ☺☺☺♥♥♥☺☺☺

Well, I need to get busy and get the process started. In some ways I feel that getting this room back into order is maybe a start of getting my life back on the tract that I want it. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What ever shall I do....

Okay, here is my thing... I have so many things that I need to incorporate into a schedule and I am having a rough time figuring out how to do it!

Those who know me personally may be a bit surprised. Organization used to be a big thing for me and something that I use to be able to do without any trouble. It seems, however, that since the birth of my last two children, that ability has seem to left me gradually over the past few years. I thought that when I started staying at home full time that it would be a breeze. HA, was I ever wrong!

I sit down with good intentions, but it seems I have a rough time accomplishing what I want to do! It seems that there are too many things to distract me. Not all of those things are bad though. I love my little ones and when they want me or need me they of course come first! Then the hubby of course! And then crocheting and housework and transcription and etc....

I love my life and guess that I will just go with the flow and enjoy life and just get done what I can. You only live once (at least in my belief) here on earth and you just have to take time to smell the roses!!!!