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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season! The new year is right around the corner and 2010 is going to be a great year! No denying it, it will be!

Today is the last day that Mrs13 Gifts and Keepsakes will be open on Etsy! I am closing down for a little while and plan to reopen in February with a whole new feel! I am very excited! I did not know if I was going to open and stay open this next year, but have decided that I am going to continue and give it another try. I have had alot of help and encouragement from my Collaborator friends, They totally rock!

I have alot of crocheting to do before relaunch so it will be a busy time for me! Afghans (my favorite to make), doilies, angle bears, will still be there but there will be some fresh new items as well. I am setting up a photo box and am taking some "lessons" in photography (basic)!

Visit before it is too late!

Also, as some of you may know, I have started selling Avon products too. Now Avon can be bought online and I can be your representative anywhere in the US. There is direct shipping (cost from $3) and you do have the option of paying with PayPal along with credit card options. I have been using Avon for years and really love the products! Let me be your rep!

Visit to find out more!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What I want for Christmas #6

Okay, so I am a little late with this update of my selfish search for the perfect Christmas present for myself. I have had a rough week with illness and am just now starting to fell better. I have been smoke free now for 6 months and it seems that since I quit the habit, I have caught every respiratory illness that comes around. Of course my oldest daughter started kindergarten this year and now every illness and germ from school comes home with her. Oh well, c'est la vie!

As I was lazying around the house and feeling sorry for my sick self, I got to looking around the castle as I like to call it and realized that it needs some serious updates! We have not painted in over three years, and that was one of the small bedrooms that we were changing from green to white with the birth of my second daughter! The rest of the rooms of the house have not been painted in I know 6 years. And the same goes for most of the decor! I have had the same pictures and artwork and plaques up on the walls. I decided that it is time for a change! I am going to change the whole house in the coming year! Look out!

So honey dear, and I know that you are reading this, or anyone who feels like buying me a gift, LOL, here is my next Christmas wish!

Jungle Flowers - Acrylic Painting By LindaCaterpillar
I just fell in love with this painting! I love the the bright colors of the flowers and I really feel that it would add the pop I am looking for. I love the color purple and am thinking of painting my office in that wonderful color and this painting would be a perfect addition and make me feel happy and at peace in my little chuck of the world!
LindaCaterpillar has many great painting at her Etsy shop and she also does cards too at her sister shop lindabutterly! Got to check her out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What I want for Christmas #5

Boy, let me tell you, being selfish in the endeavor to find the perfect Christmas present for myself has been soooo much fun! I have run across many interesting items and shops from so many artisans! I am having way too much fun, LOL!

Of course I am not focusing on myself all of the time. I have completed the spa set for my hubby's niece and sister. I wanted to take photos to post, by my camera is currently out of commission. I am also making plans to revamp my own shop on Etsy and work on the one I have on Zibbet also. Hubby is going to get me some photography gear and I may check into seeing if there is a photography class available through local adult education. I can crochet like a mad woman, but I cannot take a good picture worth a darn! Oh well, practice make perfect and I will be getting plenty of that! I can't wait for the relaunch after the holidays! Stay tuned.

Now for what I know everybody is waiting for! My next Christmas wish!

Aquamarine and Gold Vermeil Chandelier Earrings by Elektra Jewelry Design.
These are very classy earrings and I know that they would look good in my ears! Also helped by the fact that aquamarine is my birthstone!
There are so may great pieces of jewelry at this shop, it was hard to chose just one! You have got to check out this shop!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What I want for Christmas item #4

As I have started this selfish endeavor of posting my Christmas wish list, I have come to realize that I have quite a few "fetishes". Another one to add to the list is scented candles!! I spend just about all, if not all, my time at home. To spice things up and to de-stress, I find aroma therapy to be a big help! There is nothing better than a beautifully scented candle to fit the bill. So honey, I know you are reading, so here is my wish #4.

Amish Harvest scented Palm Wax pillar candle by candleguy821 on ArtFire!
I cannot imagine a more relaxing and refreshing sent of a fresh harvest! As a gardener, small home gardener that is, I find the scent of fresh fruits and vegetables an extreme pleasure!
To see this item and discover all the scents and designs available visit

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I want for Christmas item #3

I love jewelry!! I know very few people, men and women alike, who don't. Again, like the bags, I had alot of pieces at one time but had to cut down and get rid of some that I did not wear. Now that my daughters are getting to the age where they are interested in jewelry for wearing and not playing, I am starting to look at jewelry more and more.

As a crafter, I have tried my hand at making my own pieces. I have not been very successful in this endeavor. I have tried beading and found it kinda tedious. I have tried crocheting my own pieces and came out with a bunch of knots, LOL!!!! There is someone out there who makes beautiful crochet pieces for you to wear or to decorate up things around the home. Here is my wish #3 for Christmas. Hubby, I know you are reading so pay attention!!

Handmade Irish Crochet Thread Bracelet - Sea and Sand by Nothing by string on Etsy!!!

I love the blue of the sea and can almost hear the waves! Nothing can but more at ease than images of the sea and wearing this bracelet can be the reminder that I need to take in a few deep breaths and imagine myself relaxing and breathing the sea air! Find this and other beautiful items at Very skilled and delicate work!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What I want for Christmas

I love bags!!! I have had a bag fetish since I was a child. At one time I had, I know, over 50 bags. That may not seem like much but in a small house like mine it can be overwhelming. When I worked outside the home as a nurse, my bags were my lifeline. Sometimes I would have to pack a few days of clothes, especially in bad weather, because I would not know when I would be able to be home again. And of course, my bags had bags so I could take a few things out on the floor with me while doing rounds.

I have cut down on the number of bags that I have since I am now at home full time. I have three purses and an Avon tote and that is it. As I mentioned I love bags and miss them. So another thing on my list is a bag!!!! And I have found the perfect one for me. Here is a hint my darling hubby!!

I love this handmade bag made by Antique Basket Lady on Etsy. I love this retro pattern and the color scheme is totally awesome! She has many items available from purses to clutches to coin purses in many patterns and designs. Check her out at and enjoy shopping!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade Christmas

This year, just like last year, my family members are getting home made presents. This year the women will be getting spa sets that I am crocheting filled with Avon products as I have become an independent Avon rep. I am still kinda in the dark about what to make the men, namely by brother-in-laws and a nephew-in-law. Last year I made them camouflage scarfs for two of them as they are into hunting and a men's dresser kit for the other who isn't into hunting. I hope that I will figure it out before time runs out. These gifts are for my hubby's family. My family is soooo big I would have to work the year round to make gifts for them so I send a big thing of food from Swiss Colony. Most of them go to my folks house for Christmas and I don't get to be there because of the distance, they live in Northern lower Michigan and I live in Kentucky. I know that they all enjoy the treats!

I have found lots of things that I would like to get for myself this year, but I know that is not a proper thing to think, LOL! I keep dropping hints to the hubby and hopefully I will get my wish! Here is one of the things that makes my list!!

Lime Green and Hot Pink Beaded Markers for Crochet from TJBdesigns on I have a pair of scissor fobs from her shop and just love them!!! A great shop to visit and get a gift for the crafter in your life!
To see this item and more like it visit

I will show more of my picks tomorrow!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

School meeting and boy flying kite

Okay, so the first thing that I am going to go on about is the academic committee meeting that I went to at my daughters elementary school last night. I have a 19-year-old son who is done with school and I hate to admit that I was not involved as much as I probably should have been, but I tried and now have the opportunity to be involved since I do not work full time outside of the home. Anyway, the first thing that struck me was that there were 10 teachers and only 3 parents (that were not employed by the school anyway) there. My understanding is that they rarely have parents involved with the academic performance committee. I also got the first impression that the teachers that were there, some of them anyway, did not really want to be there. I also kinda got the opinion that parents were not really "welcomed". Opinions were not really listened to much and there were a few teachers that were rolling there eyes while another parent there in attendance was talking about some concerns he had heard in the community about the education at the school. Am I wrong or is that why parents are suppose to be a part of the process. Not a very welcoming atmosphere.

As the meeting progressed, the issue of monies came up, of course! I came to find out that my daughters elementary school has only a $44,000 operating budget! That of course is after salaries, utilities and those kinda things. The library only gets around $1000 and technology only $3000. The books in the library are soooo old and outdated. Our library had a book published in 1973 that gave instructions to boys on how to be well groomed! That is an example of what they have to work with. Over 3000 of the 7000 books in this library are out of date and need to be replaced to meet modern learning and reading standards. This saddens my heart as a "book worm" and a parent that has really encouraged reading and has incorporated it into an integral part of family life.

Another sad thing is the technology part of this. We are fast becoming a total computer society! The school does have some nice looking computers, but not enough for all students to have access and they are in desperate need of "smart classrooms" to enhance and make the most of the learning experience. The school building is only 5 years old and I didn't understand why the technology upgrades were not built in. There have been a few new schools built in the county I live in over the past few years and I thought all of them were designed with smart classrooms, well I was wrong because ours was not. When I asked about this, I found out it was because we did not have the money for it. See, our school is the part of the county that is not "financially prosperous". We are the middle class of education, not poor enough to be considered in need and not rich enough to have what we need. Other schools in the district are getting 2-1/2 times or more money to operated on. Teachers here are buying supplies for there classrooms from their own pockets. I find this sad!

I plan on blogging on this issue often to bring awareness of the need of public education. Our children our suffering because of this and not enough is being done. Is throwing money the answer, no it is not. As I do think the schools need money, I think that we need to take a look at where our education dollars are going. This is something that I am going to be looking into and keeping tabs on and I encourage every parent out there to do the same! I will be researching this over the weekend as the schools budgets are suppose to be public record. Will keep updates right here on a regular basis! PTA meeting also coming up in a week so will try to find out more!

Now for an update on a project that I am currently working on. It is a cross stitch picture of a boy flying a kite. It seems like it is taking me forever to finish this. I keep coming up with new ideas for things or get request for things and this stitching keeps getting put off. I will finish it one of these days, I hope. It is really cute and will make a nice framed item for a boys room or nursery. Hopefully will be able to finish it by the end of September.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Until next time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pattern recreated, I think, and new design in the works

Okay, so I have not posted in awhile. Why is it that best made plans never seem to come through the way they are suppose to? Oh well, I am posting now.

I have been working on several projects lately. I guess I may really have ADHD when it comes to crafting. I cannot seem to get enough and I love to do EVERYTHING!
When I was about 8 years old, I did a "home sampler" from a kit that my mother had bought me. I have had it all these years, and to my dismay, it is literally falling apart. I guess that after 30 years it probably would and I have not always had it stored properly. I loved the simple stitches and design and wanted to make another one. I have looked just about everywhere for the pattern (I have saved most from projects done over the years), but can not seem to find it. I do not remember where my mother bought it or who designed it. So, I sat down and did a recreate with a few little changes I think because of areas where the stitching had fallen away. If any one out there knows where I can find an original, I would love to know! Again, this is a recreation and not an original design by me, I take no credit.

I am currently working a design adapted from a wall quilt that I have absolutely fallen in love with! I love the design and the colors! I though that this would make a nice small sampler type design to maybe fit in with some other homey hearts. Maybe to make a collection from. It will be my first real "challenge" pattern. I am finally learning to use my design software (PCStitch) and I am falling in love with it more and more! Not only is it useful with my cross stitch, but I am also find ways to use it for my crochet too! I love things that are versatile!

I am also currently working on a new afghan. It is going to be an assembled square afghan using a "sunburst" square and a basic double crochet square. It is still a work in progress. I am just about finished with the remaining squares and hope to have it completed by the end of the week. When it is done it will probably be posted for sale on Etsy. If you have not checked out Etsy, you really should. There are alot of great items!
Well, that is all for now! Happy crafting, thinking, working, playing or whatever you are doing today!

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is my very first pattern design. I am proud of it even though it is very simple. I took me forever to figure out how to convert from my PCstitch software to a visible picture to display. I guess when you play around with something you eventually figure it out. The only problem now is that now the file that it was saved under in my PCstitch is missing. It should not be too hard to recreate, however.

I am hoping to have a finished and framed production of this pattern to place on my Etsy store, MRS 13 Gifts and Keepsakes. I am getting ready to have a "reopening" of my shop this week. I have kinda been out of it and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

While at Etsy, you really need to check out TJBdesigns! She has some really great stitching accessories. Stitch markers, needle threaders, scissor fobs are all fabulous! The link on the right will take you to my shop on Etsy and from there you can browse for other great sellers like TJBdesigns! Have fun shopping!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Direction

I have decided to revamp my blog! Update coming soon! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random thoughts

So, I am sitting down on this rainy late morning, drinking my strawberry Slimfast and wishing it was a real strawberry shake. My girls are having their noontime quiet and nap time, and I have a little time to contemplate the world as it is. How fun! The morning chores are done with the exception of the last load of laundry that is in the dryer and the cleaning of the ferret cage. I have the first portion of the daily workout done and just feel like chillin.

I am working on a new cross stitch project. It is a picture of a boy flying a kite. I am hoping to complete it by the end of next week so I can list it for sale on my esty store. I have been trying to get the motivation again to start my craft business to full swing. I am happy doing my medical transcription from home on the weekends, but I would really like to quit a traditional job altogether and work totally for myself! It will probably take awhile and I will probably have to wait to do it all the way until my girls start school full time. That is a couple years away, but it will give me time to get into the swing of things. Link to my store is on this blog page. You can request items from there also. I do not currently have anything posted for sale, but I can do cross stitch, crochet, and I am learning to knit and do bead work.

What do you think about this "swine flu" thing! Now after all the hype about it, it is now determined that it is not going to be a severe as they first thought. Funny ain't it! Now they are recommending that schools don't have to close and there is no need to take precautions. Could it be that the reason that it did not get as bad is because of the precautions that were put in place? I mean cutting down on the closed in contact of people with symptoms had no play in decreasing the severity of the spread, get real!! It really is a good thing to stay home or keep your kids home when they are sick, but how many people can really stay at home when they are sick. Many companies give their employees a hard time when they call in sick and many do not have sick time without consequence or a three day waiting period. I think that part of the health care reform should be a change in company policies that will allow people who are truly sick to stay home. Of course, you have a lot of people who would take advantage and call in when they are not really sick, so its a catch twenty-two.

I watched American Idol last night. I love that show. I really don't know why, but I have to watch it. Adam did a kick butt job as always last night and made the rest pale in comparison. Allison did a good job, but no one can seem to top Adam. But this could end up working out against him. You know he is good enough to cut an album today and it would be nice for one of the others to get a good shot of becoming big. He may end up going home tonight. It is what happened to Duaghtry. He was good and people knew he would make it as an artist so they let him go. It will be interesting to see. I know that I will be tuning in to the results show tonight.

Well, that is all of my thoughts for now. Peace out and enjoy! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

The battle of the buldge, who says it is a good thing

Okay, so I am like every other or at least most American women. I am struggling with body image and trying to fight the battle of the bulge. I have lost about 15 pounds since the beginning of the year and have gone from 43% body fat to 38%. This is a good thing I guess.

But as I am working on this endeavor, I also am so tired of the constant and harsh things said about the people of this world who are like me and have a little extra to love. I am healthy, I do not have high blood pressure, I do not have diabetes; lucky you may say but not all of us that are on the heavy side are doomed to a life plagued of illness. Not too long ago I remember a new study that came out that showed that people with a little extra weight had a lower risk of cancer, now it is back to the opposite and now we have a higher incident of cancer. We are constantly hearing conflicts of studies from the "experts" and I for one am sick of it!

Am I going to quit trying to eat right and exercise? No I am not. But I am not going to worry about all these studies and so called facts against the bulge. Truth be told, I am really just doing it so that my girls will not be embarrassed by me as they get older. I want to teach my girls to be happy with themselves, but at the same time the influences of the media and "experts" will no doubt play a bigger role than I really would want it to be.

The other day we were watching the news and a story came on about the increasing numbers of those who are obese. They were talking about the dangers and the increase in premature death amongst those who are obese. My 4-year-old looked at me and asked if that meant that I was going to die soon because I am "fat". Talk about harsh and to the point. I really did not know what to say. I told her that it did not mean that I was going to die, just that some "experts" say that that is what they think. She was truly upset and told me she did not want me to die and that I need to get "skinny".

So, I will continue to work on this if not for me, for my girls so they won't be worried. I guess it also means that when I reach that "skinny" point I might be able to buy some decent clothes. Why do they make plus size clothes so ugly? I mean, big bright prints and the such. It's like putting a big billboard up on the back side stating "yes, I am one of those fat people that are going to drive up health care cost because of all the awful diseases and problems I am going to have before I die a premature death"! Have to have a little bit of humor I guess. Gotta laugh or gonna cry!

So to all my fellow chubbies out there, here's to you!