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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade Christmas

This year, just like last year, my family members are getting home made presents. This year the women will be getting spa sets that I am crocheting filled with Avon products as I have become an independent Avon rep. I am still kinda in the dark about what to make the men, namely by brother-in-laws and a nephew-in-law. Last year I made them camouflage scarfs for two of them as they are into hunting and a men's dresser kit for the other who isn't into hunting. I hope that I will figure it out before time runs out. These gifts are for my hubby's family. My family is soooo big I would have to work the year round to make gifts for them so I send a big thing of food from Swiss Colony. Most of them go to my folks house for Christmas and I don't get to be there because of the distance, they live in Northern lower Michigan and I live in Kentucky. I know that they all enjoy the treats!

I have found lots of things that I would like to get for myself this year, but I know that is not a proper thing to think, LOL! I keep dropping hints to the hubby and hopefully I will get my wish! Here is one of the things that makes my list!!

Lime Green and Hot Pink Beaded Markers for Crochet from TJBdesigns on I have a pair of scissor fobs from her shop and just love them!!! A great shop to visit and get a gift for the crafter in your life!
To see this item and more like it visit

I will show more of my picks tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

Tommye said...

Michelle, you are so kind! I'm so glad you like your fob and I'm thrilled you have added my markers to your Christmas list.

I, too, do a lot of handmade gift giving. Most people really appreciate it.