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Monday, November 23, 2009

What I want for Christmas #5

Boy, let me tell you, being selfish in the endeavor to find the perfect Christmas present for myself has been soooo much fun! I have run across many interesting items and shops from so many artisans! I am having way too much fun, LOL!

Of course I am not focusing on myself all of the time. I have completed the spa set for my hubby's niece and sister. I wanted to take photos to post, by my camera is currently out of commission. I am also making plans to revamp my own shop on Etsy and work on the one I have on Zibbet also. Hubby is going to get me some photography gear and I may check into seeing if there is a photography class available through local adult education. I can crochet like a mad woman, but I cannot take a good picture worth a darn! Oh well, practice make perfect and I will be getting plenty of that! I can't wait for the relaunch after the holidays! Stay tuned.

Now for what I know everybody is waiting for! My next Christmas wish!

Aquamarine and Gold Vermeil Chandelier Earrings by Elektra Jewelry Design.
These are very classy earrings and I know that they would look good in my ears! Also helped by the fact that aquamarine is my birthstone!
There are so may great pieces of jewelry at this shop, it was hard to chose just one! You have got to check out this shop!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What I want for Christmas item #4

As I have started this selfish endeavor of posting my Christmas wish list, I have come to realize that I have quite a few "fetishes". Another one to add to the list is scented candles!! I spend just about all, if not all, my time at home. To spice things up and to de-stress, I find aroma therapy to be a big help! There is nothing better than a beautifully scented candle to fit the bill. So honey, I know you are reading, so here is my wish #4.

Amish Harvest scented Palm Wax pillar candle by candleguy821 on ArtFire!
I cannot imagine a more relaxing and refreshing sent of a fresh harvest! As a gardener, small home gardener that is, I find the scent of fresh fruits and vegetables an extreme pleasure!
To see this item and discover all the scents and designs available visit

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I want for Christmas item #3

I love jewelry!! I know very few people, men and women alike, who don't. Again, like the bags, I had alot of pieces at one time but had to cut down and get rid of some that I did not wear. Now that my daughters are getting to the age where they are interested in jewelry for wearing and not playing, I am starting to look at jewelry more and more.

As a crafter, I have tried my hand at making my own pieces. I have not been very successful in this endeavor. I have tried beading and found it kinda tedious. I have tried crocheting my own pieces and came out with a bunch of knots, LOL!!!! There is someone out there who makes beautiful crochet pieces for you to wear or to decorate up things around the home. Here is my wish #3 for Christmas. Hubby, I know you are reading so pay attention!!

Handmade Irish Crochet Thread Bracelet - Sea and Sand by Nothing by string on Etsy!!!

I love the blue of the sea and can almost hear the waves! Nothing can but more at ease than images of the sea and wearing this bracelet can be the reminder that I need to take in a few deep breaths and imagine myself relaxing and breathing the sea air! Find this and other beautiful items at Very skilled and delicate work!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What I want for Christmas

I love bags!!! I have had a bag fetish since I was a child. At one time I had, I know, over 50 bags. That may not seem like much but in a small house like mine it can be overwhelming. When I worked outside the home as a nurse, my bags were my lifeline. Sometimes I would have to pack a few days of clothes, especially in bad weather, because I would not know when I would be able to be home again. And of course, my bags had bags so I could take a few things out on the floor with me while doing rounds.

I have cut down on the number of bags that I have since I am now at home full time. I have three purses and an Avon tote and that is it. As I mentioned I love bags and miss them. So another thing on my list is a bag!!!! And I have found the perfect one for me. Here is a hint my darling hubby!!

I love this handmade bag made by Antique Basket Lady on Etsy. I love this retro pattern and the color scheme is totally awesome! She has many items available from purses to clutches to coin purses in many patterns and designs. Check her out at and enjoy shopping!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Handmade Christmas

This year, just like last year, my family members are getting home made presents. This year the women will be getting spa sets that I am crocheting filled with Avon products as I have become an independent Avon rep. I am still kinda in the dark about what to make the men, namely by brother-in-laws and a nephew-in-law. Last year I made them camouflage scarfs for two of them as they are into hunting and a men's dresser kit for the other who isn't into hunting. I hope that I will figure it out before time runs out. These gifts are for my hubby's family. My family is soooo big I would have to work the year round to make gifts for them so I send a big thing of food from Swiss Colony. Most of them go to my folks house for Christmas and I don't get to be there because of the distance, they live in Northern lower Michigan and I live in Kentucky. I know that they all enjoy the treats!

I have found lots of things that I would like to get for myself this year, but I know that is not a proper thing to think, LOL! I keep dropping hints to the hubby and hopefully I will get my wish! Here is one of the things that makes my list!!

Lime Green and Hot Pink Beaded Markers for Crochet from TJBdesigns on I have a pair of scissor fobs from her shop and just love them!!! A great shop to visit and get a gift for the crafter in your life!
To see this item and more like it visit

I will show more of my picks tomorrow!!!