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Monday, May 4, 2009

The battle of the buldge, who says it is a good thing

Okay, so I am like every other or at least most American women. I am struggling with body image and trying to fight the battle of the bulge. I have lost about 15 pounds since the beginning of the year and have gone from 43% body fat to 38%. This is a good thing I guess.

But as I am working on this endeavor, I also am so tired of the constant and harsh things said about the people of this world who are like me and have a little extra to love. I am healthy, I do not have high blood pressure, I do not have diabetes; lucky you may say but not all of us that are on the heavy side are doomed to a life plagued of illness. Not too long ago I remember a new study that came out that showed that people with a little extra weight had a lower risk of cancer, now it is back to the opposite and now we have a higher incident of cancer. We are constantly hearing conflicts of studies from the "experts" and I for one am sick of it!

Am I going to quit trying to eat right and exercise? No I am not. But I am not going to worry about all these studies and so called facts against the bulge. Truth be told, I am really just doing it so that my girls will not be embarrassed by me as they get older. I want to teach my girls to be happy with themselves, but at the same time the influences of the media and "experts" will no doubt play a bigger role than I really would want it to be.

The other day we were watching the news and a story came on about the increasing numbers of those who are obese. They were talking about the dangers and the increase in premature death amongst those who are obese. My 4-year-old looked at me and asked if that meant that I was going to die soon because I am "fat". Talk about harsh and to the point. I really did not know what to say. I told her that it did not mean that I was going to die, just that some "experts" say that that is what they think. She was truly upset and told me she did not want me to die and that I need to get "skinny".

So, I will continue to work on this if not for me, for my girls so they won't be worried. I guess it also means that when I reach that "skinny" point I might be able to buy some decent clothes. Why do they make plus size clothes so ugly? I mean, big bright prints and the such. It's like putting a big billboard up on the back side stating "yes, I am one of those fat people that are going to drive up health care cost because of all the awful diseases and problems I am going to have before I die a premature death"! Have to have a little bit of humor I guess. Gotta laugh or gonna cry!

So to all my fellow chubbies out there, here's to you!

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