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Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow, an introduction.

Wow! Now that is a word that says sooo much and yet only takes a second to say!

Seriously now, just stand and say Wow and see the types of response you get from others. Some will look in the direction you are looking, some will ask you what is going on and others will look at you like you just escaped from the local mental institute (I seem to get a lot of the latter).

Whenever you hear or say the word Wow, you think exciting, amazing and more often in my case what the heck??

I have had these "what the heck" Wows a lot. Watching the news, reading the digital paper as I am trying to save the environment by burning up electricity created by burning coal so I can save a tree by not using paper (yes I am being sarcastic) or dealing with the wonderful education system that is trying their darnedest to mess up my child's education (teachers are good, it is just the system of curriculum that they are forced to use by "the experts" that messed up, or at least that is what I am hoping).

I am planning on touching on these issues a little each day this week. Of course, I my have a WTF Wow moment and throw in the towel. Tune in to see!

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