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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yes, I like to talk about my faith.

My life has been far from a perfect example of a Christian life as laid out in the Bible. There have been many times in the past that I have told untruths, talked mean about others, made fun of those who were different than me and the list goes on and on.

BUT...Things have changed for me over the course of the past few years and finally I realized that the messes in my life were just that, my messes. I did not allow God to have control and lead me in the path that he had for me. I thought that I could do it all on my own and God was just there for my convenience. This is a situation that many of us who claim to be Christians fall in if we truthfully admit it to ourselves.

The Lord uses strange ways to bring us to the truth. For me, it was studying with a Jehovah's Witness. A great woman came to my door and challenged me to study God's Word more and to take a deep look at the way my life was heading and the example that I was showing others. Now, we had some differences in beliefs but we were united in the fact that God is the one who should be in control. I did not convert because of the differences in some of our beliefs but she did show me by example what it meant to be unafraid to share my faith.

We live in a world where we are taught that we need to be careful not to offend anyone by what we say in regards to religion. Especially if you claim to be a Christian. But how can you share the Word of God and not offend when those who accuse you of being closed minded are themselves close minded? SHARE ANYWAY!!!!

Share by your deeds of kindness and love. You do not have to "preach" at someone to share your faith. Now I do post things in my Facebook status or Twitter status to express my faith in words. It may be a verse from a song that I love or a section of a book that I am studying or a Bible verse. But more important I am trying to share more by deeds.

I am not perfect and still make many mistakes, we all do like it or not. But God, through His gift of sacrifice through the blood of his Son Jesus, gives me the strength and the courage to carry on. I just wish I had learned sooner. We all need to keep our eyes open and look for opportunities to share our faith.

God bless ♥

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