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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Wishes Continue

I really hate being sick! I have been totally knocked off of my feet for a couple of days and am just now starting to feel better. Now I am so far behind on so many things that it ain't funny. Well, really it is if you really look at it! LOL!

Well, Valentines Day is quickly coming upon us and I really must get my list out there. I am doing this publicly so my darling hubby might pay closer attention to what I want and if I do not get it I will shame him endlessly!

Seriously, I have a very loving hubby who took time off of work to handle my daughters while I was ill, so I would never shame him much, HAHAHA!

So here it goes, my list continues......

Lavender Vanilla Soap by SoapyBlessings on Etsy!!

I love the smell of lavender and vanilla together. Can you imagine a nice warm bath and candle light on Valentines Day? I know I can!! And the fragrance of this soap would set the evening off right.

At SoapyBlessings there is even a three month soap subscription available.

Bangle Bracelet Handmade Irish Crochet - Autumn Sprigs and Flowers

I also love jewelry and this bracelet would look great on my wrist! I love the earth and pastel colors. This to me would be better than diamonds! There are many bracelets, rings and pretty things here at NothingButString!

1 comment:

Tommye said...

Lavender and Vanilla is just one of the fabulous scents Trish has. How did you choose?

That Irish crochet is fabulous. I am so amazed at the intricate work that Emily does.