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Monday, April 12, 2010

Please be patient

Okay, so life has been a little busy for me to say the least. I am trying to finish up the remodel of the bathroom, trying to finish up my latest afghan, tyring to be a good wife and mother (hahaha) and work! I know that many people are in the same predicament as I am and have a lot more on their plate, but to me this is a lot.

I just wanted to drop in to let those of you how read this, that I have not disappeared and that I should be back in full swing soon. I am hoping to have the bathroom done tomorrow at the latest. We ran into some problems with the installation of the vanity and ended up having to call in plumbers to finish the job, and a great job they did I must say. The plumbing in the house is old and adjustments had to be made that I could not do nor did I have the tools to do. It did not put us out of budget too much, which is a good thing. Then we realized that the wall in which we were going to put up a new medicine cabinet was not strong enough to support it and the studs did not line up right to put it in. We have decided to put up just a plain mirror and for now have my decorative bedroom mirror up. I think we are going to pick up a new mirror tonight. But that is the saga. I will have pics soon and you can tell me whatcha think.

My crocheting has been neglected and I can really feel it! I think that I crocheted a little Friday, but that has been it. I will do some today.

Speaking of that, I better sign off for now so I can get to the point in which I can sit down and crochet!

Later all!!!!!!

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