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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What I want for Christmas item #3

I love jewelry!! I know very few people, men and women alike, who don't. Again, like the bags, I had alot of pieces at one time but had to cut down and get rid of some that I did not wear. Now that my daughters are getting to the age where they are interested in jewelry for wearing and not playing, I am starting to look at jewelry more and more.

As a crafter, I have tried my hand at making my own pieces. I have not been very successful in this endeavor. I have tried beading and found it kinda tedious. I have tried crocheting my own pieces and came out with a bunch of knots, LOL!!!! There is someone out there who makes beautiful crochet pieces for you to wear or to decorate up things around the home. Here is my wish #3 for Christmas. Hubby, I know you are reading so pay attention!!

Handmade Irish Crochet Thread Bracelet - Sea and Sand by Nothing by string on Etsy!!!

I love the blue of the sea and can almost hear the waves! Nothing can but more at ease than images of the sea and wearing this bracelet can be the reminder that I need to take in a few deep breaths and imagine myself relaxing and breathing the sea air! Find this and other beautiful items at Very skilled and delicate work!!!

1 comment:

Tommye said...

Love Emily's work. I have one of her rings.

Great feature. Hope you get everything on your list!