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Thursday, July 3, 2008

What the heck ????

Boy, where to begin!! This has been a day. News is bad for our country right now. Jobs are down, the economy sucks, you can't afford to drive to work if you are lucky to have a job; and what are our politicians doing and our candidates doing? Going around the world trying to improve our reputation around the world and talk about how much money in aide we are going to give them!! Outrageous!!!

This all started this morning while watch my morning dose of GMA. It is hard to believe the job market crash that is going on. And folks it is a crash, don't let these so called experts fool anyone. I am so tired of hearing how we are not in that bad of shape and that we will bounce back in no time!!! BULL!!!! I am really concerned about things and the way they are going. Now I am a pretty upbeat person and usually always see a silver lining in any storm cloud, but right now all I can see is the storm and a storm that is going to last for a long time.

It is funny though, I "retired" from nursing and of course the medical field is seeing growth. But at what price. I got out of the field because it did not give the flexibility for me and my families needs and because there is such an influx of people getting into the field, the passion is gone. No more are people going into it because they have a deep desire for meeting the needs of people, no longer are nursing schools being selective about who they let into programs just pay and your in. Now I am not saying that all are bad, but many are. People are taking the jobs and getting the education because they have no other options. But this is having a negative effect on the profession. I know this first hand and is one reason that I am out. I was tired of having to clean up after incompetency and working for people that were incompetent and liars. They were in positions that they lied and wiggles and kissed butt to get into and had no true qualifications!! I was tired of being called by lawyers for information on issues that people had with care (I have never been named in a lawsuit) and have decided to sue and asked to give my opines on care and whether or not it was satisfactory. In most cases it was not in my opine and I guess I should leave it at that!!!!

Then this evening I was watching BBC America. I have gotten to where I like to watch this show because you do not have any tiptoeing around to make a political agenda happy like many newscasts here in our wonderful US. I was really surprised how much stuff gets left out of our news casts. I am referring to the news casts on the BIG three networks that just about everybody with a tv can get, if you watch CNN, FOX news or the such you may hear more. I really got upset that the focus of our presidential candidates were to go over seas on tours right now. Both are senators and should be working on helping figure out how the heck to help this great nation out of the bind that it is in. We are selling out companies to over seas investors, sending our jobs over seas and watching our own suffer. Where are these movie stars who are concerned about things in Africa and china at when our own country is in need. Oh, I forgot they are over in France giving birth to babies and buying vacations home in England and where ever else they want to spend there millions!!!

People talk about illegal immigrants taking our jobs away and using up our public aid funds. I think our bigger problem is how much we are sending out of this country. We need to focus on that. Of course if we do not focus on it soon, we will not have to worry about illegal immigration because who would want to come here if things continue on a downward spiral like it is.

I know this has been a pretty negative sounding entry, but dog gone it. I am tired of this. I am worried about my children in this situation. How will there education be paid for, we know the government can't pay enough for our children to get the education they deserve and we can not afford to pay higher taxes to get an increase in education. You can not afford private school and put food on your table, and home schooling is becoming more and more under scrutiny by the government and they want to be able to control that now too. Our food supply can not be guarded against disease because the FDA can not do the job they should be ding, and our drugs (medical) are now killing us!!!

I DO LOVE THIS COUNTRY! I recognize the many good things, but recently it just has been sucky news!!! If I was living in another country I may not be able to freely express my opinions in this format!!!! Thanks to all our service people for that!!!!!

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