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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What now?

I don't know how many people actually read this blog,but I am going to keep writing it.

As those of you who do read know, I have been a stay at home mom for a couple of years now. But that is getting ready to change. I am going to continue to work on starting my own business but I am going to have to find work outside the home. I retired my nursing license and do not want to return to that hectic job, so I am applying to stuff like walmart and the such. I am hoping that I will find work soon.

The financial challenges are great in this day and age. Families cannot be families because of the money it takes to make it. Even with cutting down to the basics, as we have, it is hard to make ends meet. We do not go out to eat, out to the movies, or anything much else. We did manage to get in a small vacation, but even that caused a little financial hardship. Once a month McDonalds has become a big treat.

I know that there are people in the world in worse shape than we are in the United States, but for being one of the most powerful nations, we are poor. Watching the news last night, here in Kentucky they were talking about the cut backs in education funding. They are talking about cutting after school tutoring and special education programs. We are cutting funding for the most important assets that this country has, our children!! We are as a nation going to fall further and further behind other nations if we do not take proper care of our children!!! I am in fear and worry about the nation that my children are going to grow up in. We have a lot of talk and no action!!

The press is also talking about how we, by using less gas, have cut the budget for road repairs. Isn't that what the call has been for? We have been told to cut back on the consumption of gas by environmentalist and economist. Now we are going to pay the price for listening and doing what we have been told we should do if we care about our nation. I am so sick and tired of this rhetoric!!!

I do not want the government to have to much control or say over things like there is in other countries, but we elect our representatives to serve us and our needs as people of the Untied States!! How much in tax dollars were wasted on investigations to drug use in professional sports! Why in congress getting involved in this, it is a judicial issue and that is where it should stay. How many millions of dollars have been wasted in this supposed investigation of the oil companies? How many of these politicians have stakes in these oil companies. Many Americans also have stake in these companies in the the form of retirement accounts, and may not even realize it. Yeah, that's right, make the oil companies pay big time and people may lose the hard earned money they have put away in their retirement accounts. No matter which way you look at it we the people lose!!!

I am tired of all the words that are spoken by the representatives of this country!!! I want action!

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